An adult needs to burn approximately 7000 calories to shed 1 kg of excess weight. That's equivalent of about 28 hours of exercise at 250 calories per hour. Or the equivalent of 23.3 chocolate bars, or 28.6 colas or about 15.5 triple sundaes.

That should give us a fair idea of the daunting facts of weight loss and weight management. Try this exercise: Pretend you could move out of your body and someone new could move in.

What tips would you give to the new occupant about what it's like to live there?


What care does it need in the following area rest, feeding, watering, detoxifying, cleansing, light out door activity, touching, soothing, stimulating, healing?

What are its rhythm-daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal ?

How do other people respond to this body ?

How does this body learn a new physical skill ?

Understand the body. The body is not just the repository of our organs, flesh and blood. The body knows everything we feel and have felt; it has memory of every experience we have endured through out life, and it has the wisdom to put us in touch with our highest potential.

For the truth is, the body and mind are one. The body is the material part of the mind and the mind is the invisible part of the body. Lack of awareness and appreciation of the body creates imbalance and ill health.

HEAL THE BODY HEAL THE MIND: Heal the body the mind heals itself. Control the body and the mind follows suit. "Our life is shaped by our mind, we become what we think."

LISTENING TO THE BODY: Coming in contact with the body, listening to it and becoming sensitive to its needs gives us access to its powerful existence. There is far more to the body than we are capable of comprehending. But a beginning can be made right here, right now. We can begin by simple thanks to our body for doing all that it does so uncomplainingly, despite all the abuse we heap on it.

Weight loss Programme: 1st you must appy the 4 "C"s: COMMITMENT, CONTROL. CCOMPLIANCE and CONSISTENCE.

The calorie chart of Indian food to keep a track of the calorie intake and adopt healthy eating habits.

Calories in Fruits per 100 Grams
Name of Item Calories
Apple 56
Avacado Pear 190
Banana 95
Chickoo 94
Cherries 70
Dates 281
Grapes Black 45
Guava 66
Kiwi Fruit 45
Lychies 61
Mangoes 70
Orange 53
Orange juice 100ml 47
Papaya 32
Peach 50
Pears 51
Pineapple 46
Plums 56
Strawberries 77
Watermelon 26
Pomegranate 77
Vegetables per 100 Grams
Name of Item Calories
Broccoli 25
Brinjal 24
Cabbage 45
Carrot 48
Cauliflower 30
Fenugreek (Methi) 49
French beans 26
Lettuce 21
Mushroom 18
Onion 50
Peas 53
Potato 97
Calories in Spinach 100g 23
Calories in Spinach 1 leaf 2
Tomato 21
Tomato juice 100ml 22
Calories in Breads per piece
Name of Item Calories
1 medium chapatti 119
1 slice white bread 60
1 paratha (no filling) 280
Per 100gm
Name of Item Calories
Eggs 150
Pork (Grilled) 340
Chicken (Roast) 150
Fish (eg. Cod) 220
Beans (Boiled) 20
Cabbage (Boiled) 10
Carrot (Boiled) 20
Cauliflower (Boiled) 10
Cucumber (Raw) 10
Peas (Boiled) 50
Potatoes (Boiled) 80
Pea Nuts (Roasted) 570
Beer 30
Wine 70
Spirits 220
Coffe (Black)
Bread 230
Rice (White Boiled) 120
Cornflakes with milk 205
Chocolate Biscuits 520
Wheat Bran 200

Calories in Cereals per 100 Grams
Name of Item Calories
Bajra 360
Maize flour 355
Rice 325
Wheat flour 341
Calories in Breads per piece
Name of Item Calories
1 medium chapatti 119
1 slice white bread 60
1 paratha (no filling) 280
Calories in Other Items
Name of Item Calories
Sugar 1 tbsp 48
Honey 1 tbsp 90
Coconut water 100 ml 25
Coffee 40
Tea 30

Calories in Milk & Milk Products per cup
Name of Item Butter 100gms Buttermilk Cheese Cream 100gms Ghee 100gms Milk Buffalo Milk Cow Milk Skimmed
Calories 750 19 315 210 910 115 100 45

Weight Management: What we wnt is pound off, we want to lose weight, live healthy lifestyle and we choose dieting… Exercise… Yoga, but no results. This point again carries us towards - Understand the body. It is made up of two things.

Body - Physical part or visible part

Mind - Invisible part controlling all the functions.

Why most Diets don't work - If you are not putting good nutrition in you body, then fasting or starvation tells the body lean times have, the body start naturally storing its most valuable fuel to FAT.

What is FAT ? Fat is the nutrient most often blamed as THE culprit in our diets for contributing to weight problems and its associated health risks.

Fat has more than once been blamed for causing overweight problems and heart disease.

The above may be true when consumed in excessive amounts, but the inclusion of fat in daily food is vey important in life for the following reasons:

Fat is the only source of essential fatty acids (EFA's)

It provides and stores fat soluble vitamins A,D,E and K

It is a concentrated form of energy.

It has aromatic properties and makes food appetizing and flavorful.

The correct term for fat is lipids.

No Carbs:

There is a common word in weight management industry NO CARBS- means avoid eating carbohydrates because the extra carbohydrates are converted to the FAT and stored in the unwanted areas.

Can you afford a day without carbohydrates ?

Carbohydrate is the most important energy nutrient. The availability of energy is a primary determinant of performance.

Conclusion: An expert supervision is required to get the results for weight loss.



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